Jeff Filipov is the Barndoorist

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Jeff Filipov is a father of two, Sophia, 12, and Ben, 10. He and his wife Johanna and the kiddoes have lived in Hamilton since 2005 and they completely rebuilt their 100-year-old home. Jeff's dad was an engineer and could build anything so Jeff learned by listening, watching and doing. That's why making barn doors comes naturally now. Jeff grew up with tools in hand!

Jeff grew up in Concord Massachusetts and went to the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he majored in Art and minored in Philosophy. The desktop computer (the earliest Mac) was just coming out so he seized on its potential for the creation of art and graphics, and uses the same proactive, creative and enthusiastic attitude to run his business today.

After college Jeff worked in graphic production, marketing, and production management for advertising agencies and companies in Boston and New England. Later he started his own company in travel. 

Jeff and his family have traveled all over the world and have taken in the cultures and styles of people from many countries and regions. Jeff's wife, Johanna, is from the Netherlands where the family has often traveled (and even lived) to remain in touch with relatives and European cultures. Jeff and his family are avid skiers and they love Stowe, Vermont where they ski every weekend of the winter season. (Vermont is also great for finding olde wood and Jeff's first doors were made for friends living there, some of whom helped inspire him to start this business!)

Seeing new places, coming up with fun concepts and ideas and experiencing new and different things is paramount to the Filipov’s children's upbringing. Living a full life is a passion of Jeff and his family, and he brings that passion to the work he does with Northshore Barn Doors. 

Working with wood to make these olde barn doors is a passion and it incorporates the ability to reuse and re-purpose things that others might have just discarded and make them into something beautiful and valuable that could become the center piece of someone's home or office! 

This website and everything I do with tools and my brain is dedicated to my family, many friends — new and old — my brothers and loving mother, and also to my late father, Alexander M. Filipov.

Thank you for reading! 

The Barndoorist is Passionate about his work!

The Barndoorist is a VERY passionate person. He loves what he does and that passion translates right into the creation of your doors. He is fortunate to have you as a customer but you are lucky to have found him! A rare type indeed! 

Be prepared for lengthy detailed and informative communications throughout the project life should you embark upon a door job created by him. 

If this mindset is not for you, stop now and save yourselves. But if you do come along, you will enjoy the ride and results!