The Installation

Northshore Barn Doors offers the initial consultations, the creation of beautiful barn doors made from rustic wood and parts, the delivery, and the complete installation of your doors as one package or project. That said, the distance from our shop may alter the cost. In most cases, anything within an hour or so of our location is not extra. Longer drives may incur additional charges. A typical installation can take anywhere from a couple of hours to as long as seven hours to complete. We normally accept final payment when the job is done.

Be prepared for a visit that could be up to several hours, depending on the job. We will need ample space to work, lay tarps, and cut or adjust pieces and parts. A desk, garage, large room or driveway can work, and in some cases, we can lay out a tarp in a living room or bedroom to mitigate any dust, etc. If you have furniture or plants or decorative elements in or near the space where the door will be installed, try to have those set aside. If you have small children or pets, please try to keep them away from tools and parts, and also the area where a door is being hung until the project is completed. Some doors weigh several hundred pounds, and metal parts can be heavy or sharp, so we want everyone to be safe. 

While we make every effort to be as careful as possible during delivery and installation, these doors can be massive, heavy, lanky construction, with moving parts and large metal wheel hangers. If you have rugs, you may wish to vacuum after the installation. It is also a good idea to have on hand some of your own wall and ceiling paint. We are very careful and we can do touch-up in case anything were to happen, but just in case, it's better to be prepared with your own colors. 

Prior to a door installation it is a good idea to remove hanging pictures and framed art around the area.

Jeff Filipov