Artisan Barn Doors Made with Reclaimed Wood



Handcrafted Barn Doors for Homes, Bars, Restaurants, and Retail Spaces

A Northshore Barn Door is a handcrafted work of functional art. It is living history, with woods and components that can be up to 300 years olde! Reclaimed wood from olde barns, houses, and out-buildings are handcrafted to make beautiful artisan barn doors for homes, bars, restaurants and retail spaces. Each Northshore Barn Door we craft is unique: we design, hand-build, and custom install each and every door.

Most olde wood we use is naturally aged pine. Never painted, stained or lacquered, and not sleek/modern. This is the high-end rustic look with custom shop-made parts. Doors are generally for interior spaces complimenting the space with our rustic charm. Please note that The Barndoorist is often booked two or more months out depending on the scope of the project. And Barn door projects are an involved process, so we are always glad to outline what we do! The project pipeline constantly moves as passion flows from the creative mind into each board as beautiful doors come to life. Real artisan craftsmanship takes time to perfect just for your needs. Come be a part of it now or you’ll be a day older when you do!


Our Wood

We specialize in rustic, olde boards — with cracks, with character, with style built-in — that cannot be replicated anywhere! In fact, we don't really think a door built from new wood that has been stained or painted is really a true barn door anyway. That's just not what we do.

The wood we use is generally aged pine grades. Our wood is picked from outdoor and indoor building sources like olde barns and houses, sheds and wood stacks. Most wood has been exposed to the elements for decades or even centuries. Wood that was reclaimed from inside olde homes taken from flooring or walls may have been exposed to the elements for a very long time. This can change some characteristics of wood.

Our wood is not kiln dried, but it is brought to and stacked inside our Amesbury shop which is very dry and heated in winter. Whenever stacked, we space the wood boards with "sticks" between layers to allow for airflow. This ensures that the wood being used to create your doors is as dry as possible during assembly so no warping will occur.


The Barndoorist comes to see your space to get a feel for what might work and listens to you and your design desires. Then he selects wood from the shop to design each door, board by board. Every piece is considered for placement in a puzzle that can only be unlocked through true passion. This magical process transforms a pile of olde wood into the beautiful piece of art that will compliment your room. Boards are selected and cut so as to fit together just right as the door comes to life in the shop. Olde nails may be pulled or left in, knot holes may be filled or remained untouched, boards are cleaned and rasped and wire-brushed, and toasting or waxing may be applied accordingly. The door is completed in the shop and awaits its new home.


Some of our Common Door Designs

The Barndoorist can help you design any patterned barn door. We can mix, match, or reverse any of our common door designs.

Do you wish you could have a handcrafted Northshore Barn Door, but have a small space, an odd corner, or just a unique challenge? Well…

We’ve got Unique Solutions!


Your Northshore Barn Door lives on your wall. That's our philosophy when we install your door.

The Barndoorist sets up tools and equipment and readies the space to receive art. If ply backers, headers or brackets are being installed, this is done with professional care and quality carpentry. Rails are put up with spacers customized for each project. The moment when a door is first hung on its rail to try out is a special transformation for that room. And once it is set in place and any tweaks are worked out in this process, its new life begins. Some doors labor easier and quicker than others.

Door birth is a unique experience for every barn door, whether this is a first-time installation or part of a set, or if you are a repeat customer. Sometimes the door installation comes through really fast. Other times, well, not so fast. How quickly your door and final joy arrives depends on many things, including how fast something called Barn Door Labor is happening.

A door is never truly finished until the last touch up tweak is done at the end of its installation and our logo plate is put on at the base of the frame. It is only then, at this moment, that the connection between this olde wood and this finished door transforms from the Barndoorist's hands into the new space it shall live with its new and excited owner!


Reclaimed Wood as Art

Like olde time carriage makers, we build functional art!
Image used with permission of Amesbury Carriage Museum

My barn doors are handcrafted to be functional, but they are also a form of art. They are each one of a kind. Sure, I can make two or maybe three doors look alike or be similar — if being used in the same room or hallway space — but this also depends on whether I have enough of the same lot of wood and if they are made at the same time. This is because much of the wood I source is from olde buildings and barns and its rough pine nature cannot be easily found. Each door is a uniquely crafted piece and is built to be different from any others I've previously made.

I retrofit most barn door parts and I also make my own, depending on the size, weight or style of the door being created. The wood is mostly rough pine — I rasp and wire-brush every edge of each and every piece — and I also clean the boards as I assemble your doors so they can be a part of your interior space and serve as beautiful functioning pieces of art. Like art, both feeling and real design consideration pour into the character of each door being built for your needs. I am sure you will enjoy the doors!
— Jeff Filipov, Northshore Barn Doors Founder, "The Barndoorist"

(KPOA Hawaiian Maui Style Music is usually what’s on in the shop! This makes everything more Aloha)