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How to reach Jeff, The Barndoorist

(978) 347-0445

That’s Jeff’s mobile phone — it's better to send him a text than call.

If he's in the shop with the saw running, or on a ladder installing a door, chances are slim that he'll be able to answer your call. But he’ll get back to you as soon as he’s able!

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Our Shop

The building where our shop is located is at 11 Chestnut Street, Amesbury, Massachusetts, 01913 and is part of the Collaborative Innovation Works (CI Works).

The shop is on the corner of Elm Street and Morrill Street, just behind the Cumberland Farms located at 132 Elm Street. To find our shop on Google Maps use this address:

132 Elm Street
Amesbury, MA 01913

DO NOT MAIL TO THIS ADDRESS! It is not our business, it is a store location to help find us and at which one can purchase snacks & coffee, etc. The business mailing address for our company is below.

Parking is available in the lot located just behind the Cumberland Farms store. 
Look for our Northshore Barn Doors sign just off Morrill Street. Be sure to let The Barndoorist know you are coming as sometimes the warehouse is locked unless visitors are expected. We share our space with other companies. We can open the large drive-in / walk-in doors on Morrill Street which lead directly into the shop if you street access.


Our Business Office

Our Northshore Barn Door business office is located at 8 Gifford Road, Hamilton Massachusetts, 01982. You may mail all correspondences here.

Collaborative Innovation Works

Collaborative Innovation Works (ciworks.us) CI Works offers office and manufacturing space in collaborative work environments in Amesbury, Massachusetts.