Each of our handcrafted barn doors are unique, each installation is different, and the price of each project is individually quoted. The price of our barn doors, from design to build to install, have ranged from a single, simple door, costing less than a $1000, to the custom design, handcrafting, door construction, and installations of large multiple door projects costing thousands of dollars.  

Pricing varies on size, parts and woods used, wall heights and styles, installation needs, and in some cases, distance to your location. For some larger projects, agreed-upon hourly rates can be necessary and further added work can involve additional costs. 

Some factors that could influence the cost of a door project include the size of your barn door, finishes, special fitting, bypass rails and brackets, and specialized woods. The installation space, how and where doors will be mounted, or matching your doors with other elements in a room may influence costs. Larger or heavier doors, or areas with deep trim work, adding glass panels or designing doors with patterns on both sides, long distance to travel from our shop, or the need for multiple visits all can add to the final cost. 

A quote from Northshore Barn Doors generally includes designing the door, handcrafting the build, door construction, all parts, delivery, and, very importantly, installation. We offer discounts if you have us install more than one door as part of the same commission.


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