Our Customers Are Creative!

Customers who desire to have that “olde barn door look and feel” often have a vision of what they want, and we help when meeting you where the doors will be. However, these aged wood boards have a soul or a presence and the wood almost wants to guide us on how any given door will look as it is are created. Therefore, we design the doors based on how the wood “comes to life” as it is selected, re-purposed, placed together and assembled into a final, beautiful, rustic piece. Someone else's doors will never be just like yours. Your doors are hand-crafted to be unique! This is custom work and made to fit the intricacies of your home or office. Let the wood come together to be greater than the sum of its parts.   

Aged wood is ever-changing by nature and stock can move quickly—we retain wood at our yard but we are always looking for more from olde houses, barns and yards throughout New England. Contact us to discuss how we can serve you.  

Jeff Filipov